Sci-Bono Discovery Center

Welcome to Sci-Bono Discovery Center, we are a world class science, math and technology centre based in the heart of Newtown, Johannesburg. We are all about learning and building South Africa’s science, engineering and technology capacity as well as stimulating our youth and making them excited about the world of science.

Sci-Bono Discovery Center is a non-profit organisation funded by the Gauteng Department of Education and we are lucky to receive hundreds and thousands of visitors annually. We are proud to be one of Gauteng’s most popular educational destinations for kids.

Our Exhibitions

The words ‘don’t touch’ don’t exist in or vocabulary. With almost 400 exhibits at our establishment all our children and visitors are encouraged to touch, feel, press and play. We also host a range of travelling exhibitions at Sci-Bono such as the world renowned Body Worlds – cycle of life exhibition. All our exhibitions serve the single purpose of increasing awareness and interest in the field of science and technology.

School Tours and Science Shows

We offer a wide range of school tours and science shows at Sci-Bono including a fantastic Alchemy to Chemistry show for kids from grade 4- 12. This show teaches kids a range of fun and educational topics pertaining to chemistry, from how muscles move to how cars work.

We also offer a digital planetarium where kids get to explore space and celestial bodies. Let your kids learn through 3D movies and look up at the star filled universe through our software. The digital planetarium can hold approx. 30 people per show with the shows ranging from 30-45 minutes.

For a fun, educational and science filled day with your kids, visit us as Sci-Bono Discovery Center today and explore our wonderful exhibitions.

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