Welcome to Kiddilicious, a place for both parents and children that provides a relaxing environment when grown-ups can chat, enjoy a delicious cuppa whilst kids play to their hearts content.

Nestled in the middle of Bedfordview, Kiddilicious is a place that is genuinely child friendly but tasteful and sophisticated for the adults as well. Kiddilicious offer a family cafe, play areas, a wellness clinic, kids hair salon and lovely gift boutique. They also double as a kids party venue for your child’s special day.

Kiddilicious has both indoor and outdoor seating so that parents can soak up the sun whilst watching their little ones go wild and climb through the play centre.

The cafe offers delicious meals to keep both adults and kids happy. Order your little one a famous kiddi-chino, a frothy beverage made especially for the little ones. The kiddi-chino comes topped with mini marshmallows and is served alongside a tasty butter biscuit. At the same time, order yourself a stronger, more adult beverage like a delicious cocktail or glass of happy bubbles.

Learning and playing at Kiddilicious

Kiddilicious is more than just a child friendly restaurant as it also offers baby clinics, offering classes for soon to be parents, current parents as well as kids. Learn all about baby massage and skin-to-skin bonding, or attend a Moms and Tots class, which provides interactive play time and activities for you and your kids to bond over.

For the slightly older kiddies, why not send them off to cooking school? The Kiddilicious cooking school teaches kids the basics of cooking and baking. Now you and your little chef can bond over cake baking, family favourite recipes and dinner time.

Kiddilicious also offers mum's yoga classes in the gardens. Come relax and re-centre yourself with mindful yoga sessions. After all, you can’t look after your family if you haven’t taken care of yourself first.

Kids Shopping

The Wreak Havoc Gift Boutique is a lovely kid-friendly store located within Kiddilicious. It has everything you need for your child’s birthday, your friends upcoming baby shower and even toys for your pets. This boutique is exclusively designed for the modern parent and their cool kids.

The boutique is also the best place to shop for many unique and unusual kids toys such as 3D puzzles, construction sets, paint (by numbers) and educational toys.

For a fun day out with the kids, plus a fantastic meal – visit Kiddilicious today. Please contact the cafe directly for bookings and further information.

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