Child Friendly Restaurants For Kids

Child friendly restaurants in Johannesburg for kids

Johannesburg is definitely a great place for a family day out on the town. With so much to see and do in the city, endless attractions, active kids and fun road trips, a long day dragging your little ones around is going to lead to some really hungry stomachs.

But where can you take your little darlings without having to return to their favourite hot dog stand again? Well fear not. At ForKids we showcase the best child friendly restaurants that Johannesburg has to offer which provide fun and safe entertainment for children, as well as healthy meals and delicious delights.

Our picks of the best child friendly restaurants in Johannesburg include places that perhaps you may even choose to go without the kids in tow, you deserve a treat too after all! We’ve rounded up the best restaurants and social eateries that are child-friendly, and well suited to adults too. Some establishmentarian go so far as to offer kids their own safe play areas and child minders whilst you enjoy a glass of bubbles or a beer. Some of our Johannesburg restaurant choices are more casual to grab a pizza at or enjoy a burger from, whilst others are more refined, eclectic and can even be considered a touch laanie.

Experience the best kid friendly restaurants in Johannesburg that your little ones will love, and so will you.