Welcome to the Little Cooks Club! Our club was established in 2006 by Christine Phillips, a qualified chef who has prepared food around the world including in London and Monte Carlo. She also owned a restaurant in Durban for 2 years before moving up to Jozi. Since then Little Cooks was borne and has flourished as a beautiful franchise. There are currently 6 cooking schools throughout Jozi so be sure to check our website to find a school near you.

Little Cooks is aimed at teaching kids between the age of 2 and 15 the basics principles and techniques of food preparation, cooking and nutrition. The program is also geared toward teaching kids the principles of healthy eating and to become more aware about what they put in their bodies.

As parents live busy lives, often they don’t have the time to cook with their kids or teach them about the importance of healthy food, and that is where we step in. There are a range of educational skills that we teach the kids at our cooking classes including language skills, sensory skills, aspects of math such as measuring and counting, colours, textures, social skills, working as part of a team and much more.

For parents and domestic workers, we also offer a variety of cooking classes which focus on healthy and simple recipes for kids.

Little Cooks Programs

For kids we offer two Cooking program streams depending on their age.

  • Little Cooks: Cooking programs for kids aged between 2 and 6 years old. We provide a hands on approach and introduce young children to the concepts of healthy and nutritious food. Kids are taught the basics of cooking and how to prepare dishes. Some of our other programs are aimed at teaching kids about fruits, vegetables and the concepts of planting and gardening. Kids are taught how to make delicious fruit and vegetables and are fully involved in food discussions with each other and the teachers.
  • Junior Chefs: Our junior chef program caters for slightly older children between the ages of 7 and 15 years. Here they learn about food preparation and how to cook delicious meals. This is a four week program and we ensure to keep our classes small so that the kids get the individual attention they require.

For a fun, educational and healthy kid’s experience that they’ll love, be sure to contact us at Little Cooks now.

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