Welcome to Laser Battle Zone, where you feel the exhilaration and become the game. Laser Battle Zone is the most exciting Laser Tag game in Jozi, suitable for both young and old, whether you are 7 or 77. This adrenaline fuelled fun allows kids and parents to stalk each other and unleash laser fire onto their opponents. You and your peers are a walking target as targets are placed on your shoulders, back, check and inside the laser gun itself.

At Laser Battle Zone you step into a darkened city, team mates disappear down dark alleys and passages and creep around in the dark trying to hit each other. As you edge around, you see an opponent and release a torrent of laser fire onto them. Adrenaline pumps as your opponents vest flashes with bright light, you score! At Laser Battle Zone you are no idle player, you become the game.

Our establishment is the perfect entertainment venue for kids and parents alike, this fun and exciting experience is a great choice for birthday parties or for a group of kids to simply have some fun. We are situated in the Stoneridge Mall In Edenvale. Our Laser Tag equipment is some of the most advanced in the world and is perfectly safe and secure for all patrons to enjoy no matter what age.

We offer a variety of packages including single 15 minute games as well as multiple games, we cater for events such as kid’s birthdays, corporate team building, adult parties, bachelor and bachelorette events and more.

Please note that booking at Laser Battle Zone is essential on the weekends as we are a very popular activity for kids and teens (parents love it as we burn off all their pent up energy.) We are open throughout the week except on Mondays. Be sure to book us for your next adrenalin fuelled event.

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