Welcome to Galaxyworld in Bedford Centre. We are a family entertainment destination with a major focus on all indoor related entertainment activities. We offer ten pin bowling, pool tables, bumper cars, coin operated arcade machines, a full bar for the parents as well as internet access.

Galaxyworld was established in 2000 and has grown from strength to strength, employing over 100 people. It’s managed and operated by a small group of dedicated professional people committed to entertaining both kids and parents alike. Each of our shareholders are specialists in their various fields of marketing, finance, management and other.

We can attribute our success to our long serving and dedicated staff, brightly lit and clean environment, hands on management and providing our patrons real value for every dime spent at Galaxyworld.

Activities at Galaxyworld

  • Ten Pin Bowling: Ten pin bowling is arguably one of the fastest growing recreational activities in SA. We offer 10 bowling lanes at Galaxyworld, each with automatic scoring, flashing bumpers and the coolest, my dramatic UV lighting. Our lanes are world championship standard and out staff are on hand to cater for your every need.
  • Bumper cars: Bumper cars are loved by both kids and adults alike. Our Bumper cars at Galaxyworld are designed to be fun yet gentle enough for young children to use them without injury. We do however, urge children to ensure that nothing protrudes from outside the Bumper Cars.
  • Games area: We offer kids the latest and greatest arcade games in the universe! Let your kids choose from more than 100 arcade games at Galaxyworld. We offer some of the most state of the art shooting and driving games as well as a wide variety of others all at very competitive prices.
  • Pool tables and pub: Unfortunately the pool and pub areas are off limits to children under the age of 18, but are a major hit with the older crowds. We offer a fully stocked bar, hot dogs, tea and coffee. The pool area is very popular with the after work crowds.

Galaxyworld, conveniently situated in Bedford Centre promises a fantastic time out with your kids. Let them play on our bumper cars and arcade games or enjoy a great game of ten pin bowling with the whole family.

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