Bounce Waterfall is a massive indoor trampoline park that provides active kids a complete adrenaline rush to burn off all that pent up energy.

Featuring the “The Great Wall of Jozi,” Bounce Waterfall is home to more than 100 interconnected trampolines, giant air bags (with cool slam-dunk arenas,) wall-running for your kids and even a large dodgeball court.

Let your kids experience the ultimate rush of extreme sports and freestyle gymnastics. At Bounce Waterfall, it’s all about jumping high and landing soft and safe, whether you’re kids are polishing their aerial tricks, burning off some steam or just getting a general great workout, the bounce revolution is here.

Activities for kids at Bounce

Dependent on the Bounce you choose to visit, they offer the following activities at their branches:

Free Jump: Free-Jump Arena is a giant network of interconnected floor and wall trampolines. Think Free-Running and Parkour! Its their main area because it contains around 50 interconnected trampolines, banked walls, jump boxes and tumble tracks. This wild, oversized playground is perfect for your kids to expel all that crazy energy.

Slam Dunk: Borrow the legs of the best basketball players and experience slam dunk! The Slam Dunk area is full-height basketball rings above runway trampolines. These are completely enclosed by padded walls and floor mats.

High Performance: High performance trampolines are for more advanced manoeuvres and perfect for skills development as they enable a greater bounce and height.

Big Bag: This large Air Bag provides a safe, giant soft landing so kids can get airborne whilst practicing aerial moves in safe setting.

Dodgeball: This is trampoline warfare, high-energy, awesome fun for kids with soft balls. This is the ultimate trampoline Colosseum as two teams throw soft ‘bowling ball’ sized dodgeballs at one other as they jump around the court. Last player bouncing wins.

Xpark: This is an Adventure Challenge Course for adrenaline junkies. Obstacles can be explored as stand-alone challenges or complete the entire circuit. It caters different levels of difficulty to allow personal progression, there is truly no other indoor park like this one.

The Wall: Combining high performance trampolines with vertical walls of varying height. The Wall allows kids to perform freestyle tricks and gravity defying running. Think Skate Park made from trampolines.

Clip n climb: Exclusive to the Fourways branch, Clip ‘n Climb is one of the most fun indoor rock climbing venues in Johannesburg.

Super Tramp: This 5×5 metre trampoline monster is the ultimate aerial trick platform offering kids extra height and bouncy spin. Many athletes use the Super Tramp for training but the extra space and slow bounce is a great experience for anyone.

Please contact your local Bounce branch to discover which activities are available at the unique branch.

Bounce Waterfall:

Bounce waterfall is well situated close to the Mall of Africa, so they encourage parents to drop in and let their kids experience the world of free-jumping before going shopping and enjoying a great lunch at Africa’s largest Mall.

Bounce offers a range of different pricing options to suit your unique tastes and your kid’s needs. They offer full day passes, off peak and on peak jumping sessions as well as bounce fit classes for those looking to tone up.

They also host tons of kid’s parties, school groups and even corporate team events (though this one is without the kids.) All party rooms are air conditioned and disabled as well as pram access is available.

There are currently 4 Bounce Trampoline parks in Johannesburg situated in Menlyn Maine, Waterfall, Fourways and Cornubia.

Please contact the venues directly for more information on pricing as well as booking your kids active jumping session.

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