Welcome to Acrobranch, a unique treetop experience for kids and parents alike. Each of our courses are designed with a variety of obstacles such as zip lines, swings, bridges and nets. This fun kid’s activity in Johannesburg allows young ones the opportunity to fly through the lush green forests and experience nature from the treetops.

At Acrobranch each session lasts 2 hours which includes harnessing, training as well as the time spent gliding through the beautiful forestry. We offer various courses at varying levels of difficulty to cater for different age groups, which ensures that no one takes on more than what they can handle.

Please ensure that your kids are fully clad in closed shoes with good treat, clothing that allows them to move freely and that their hair is tied up. Your kids can choose whether or not they wish to bring a long a pair of gloves, though this will make their grip surer.

Acrobranch is located in the James and Gray Park just outside Melrose Arch and we have the following course options available:

Acro Twigs – Perfect for kids aged from 3-6 years
Tree Hugger- A more challenging beginners course for kids 7 and up
Swinging Tarzan- A moderately difficult course for kids aged 10 and older
High Flying- The most advanced of our courses for kids aged 13 and up

Acrobranch is the perfect setting for kid’s parties or just a fun day out with the family so ensure to book your next family adventure with us.

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