Why Exercise Is Important For Kids

In today’s day and age unfortunately kids lack the freedom of movement that their parents had as kids to run wild in the streets and visit their friends down the road. Factors in South Africa like high crime rates and kidnapping mean that kids can’t run around as freely as their parents did back in the day.

But just because of these factors doesn’t mean that kids should not be active. In fact, it’s more important than ever now for them to get regular exercise as the obesity pandemic in the country steadily grows. Lack of movement and access to the outside means kids spend more time indoors playing on their PlayStation and Computers, snacking on chips and other junk foods. This is all good and well when they are kids, but as the age they develop the propensity to grow into plump children and adults.

So, why is exercise so important?

Firstly exercise helps kids achieve a healthy body weight (coupled of course with a good diet.) It also aids in the development of muscles, bones and joints which is very important for later years in life. For parents, exercising your child will also mean they will get a much better quality and quantity of sleep (meaning more free time for you.)

Exercise is also important to develop kids socially and encourages them to interact positively with other children whilst developing their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

So, if you can’t let your child run around and play in the streets, where are they supposed to get this exercise?

If your child is of school age, it’s important to get them involved with extra mural activities and sports at school. You can even take them to the park after work (if you have the energy that is) or sign them up for a gymnastics, soccer or swimming class.

As much as kids need exercise, so do parents so if you have a gym membership sign your children up as well so you can all gym together.

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Boy Running and Exercising

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