Activites For Kids At Home

We know the state of the South African Economy is not one to brag about and often parents can’t afford to lavish over their kids or take them to the most expensive places. Sometimes it’s also better to just be at home and spend time entertaining your kids from the comfort of your own space.

At ForKids we aim to bring parents both fun things to do with their kids at establishments throughout South Africa, as well as fun activities for kids at home. Here are some of our top tips on things to do with kids at home.

Play Dough

Play Dough is a fun and safe messy substance that kids (and parents) will love. Kids of all ages, shapes and sizes can be exposed to this stuff and its really fun for kids to make play dough galaxies, stress balls, volcanoes or any and other crafty arts from this substance (just watch they don’t eat it though.) You can buy play dough from any major toy store or make your own.

All you need to do is mix one cup of flour, half a teaspoon of salt, 2 tablespoons of cream of tartar and 2 tablespoons of oil together into a bowl. Add food colouring of your choice to a cup of water and mix it in with the flour. Stir the substance together over a medium heat until it becomes sticky then allow it to cool. Once cooled, simply knead the dough into a small ball and voila!

Kids at home -pay dough

Story Time

Sometimes just spending time with your kids is enough and what better way to engage their creativity than to write a story together. Sit with your kids and write down the story which comes to their mind. It can also be fun for each person to write their own section of the same story.

Furthermore, its also a great idea to read them a story. Let the kids pick out their favourite book from the shelf (or from the kindle) and spend time reading and acting out the adventure.

Scavenger hunts

Kids love exploring and finding things. Make a list of 5-10 random items and hide them around the house and in the garden. Give the list of items to your kids and let them spend time hunting for the items around the house. This can also be fun if done in the park, hide some pine cones, colourful rocks or other around the park and let them go hunting.

Kids at home - scavenger hunt


What better way to spend the day with your kids than in the sun giving life to new seedlings? Gardening is a fun and fulfilling activity you can do with your kids at home as it teaches them to respect nature and learn about how plants grow. If you are in Johannesburg, you can purchase great seedlings and plants from Gardenworld in Muldersdrift.

Watch a Movie

Sometimes even for parents it’s really nice to just relax. Let your kids pick his or her favourite child friendly movie and snuggle in front of the tv with some blankets, popcorn and hot chocolate- can’t get better than that!

Play Dress Up

Let your kids dress up as his or her favourite fairy tale character. Find some old clothing and make up and let your kid imagine they are the stars of their very own movie. Go outside and let them act out their favoruite fairy tale scenes, or let them pretend to turn each other into Pumkins.

Kids playing at home

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